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Używamy cookies i podobnych technologii w celach: świadczenia usług, statystyk. Korzystanie z witryny bez zmiany ustawień Twojej przeglądarki oznacza, że będą one umieszczane w Twoim urządzeniu końcowym. Pamiętaj, że zawsze możesz zmienić te ustawienia.
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The service is intended for the candidates for MA uniform studies, first cycle studies, second cycle studies

The candidates for post-graduate studies are requested to enter the Post-graduate Studies website .

In order to become our student you should take the following steps:
1. Register to the recruitment service - you will receive a login and a password. Remember to give us your current e-mail address.
2. Log into the service using the login and the password you will receive from us.
3. Complete the questionnaire - every defined word
4. Fill in the questionnaire, print it and sign it.
5. Complete the following documents:
- a copy of your high school diploma (keep the original diploma available for inspection)
- a copy of ID card or the passport (the foreigners), and keep the original document available for inspection
- one colour current photo (size 35×45mm, full head must be shown, facing forward and looking straight at camera, without accessories, earrings and headgear, on a bright background)
6. Bring all the documents and printed questionnaire to the Recruitment Office (1 Gustaw Herling Grudziński Street)
7. Collect the decision of qualification proceedings and sign the contract with Krakow University.
8. Pay registration fee and deliver confirmation of this fee to the Registration Office.

The login and password that you have just received will be expired when you will deliver all required documents to the Registration Office. The right login and password that will be necessary to log into the Virtual Dean's office will be delivered in the second month of studying.

Remember that according to recruitment regulations, the documents mentioned above have to be submitted in the Registration Office. It is not enough just to register.

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Important additional instructions:
Electronic registration must be done in the language of instruction of the chosen field of studies. It is therefore not possible to complete the electronic registration in English for a Polish-taught course or the other way round.
A list of the offered fields of study and specialisations will be available after completing the first part of the University Application Form. The second part of the form will be available accordingly in the language of instruction appropriate to the chosen field of studies or specialisation.
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